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Are you ready to automate the trading and transform the messages automatically in a trade? Yes, it is possible! Please, read first some general information here, and THEN go to the automation section!

Some details: I am trading ONLY in the 10 currencies more exchanged in the world (why? Because it is simpler to make money here and they have the shorter spreads – maybe in the future I will extend the assets to other markets).



You will choose the broker you want, BUT here there are some rules you MUST respect:

  1. You must evaluate my trading system AFTER 1 MONTH (5 WEEKS)! Two hours or two days are not sufficient to judge my work, please start with a demo account (so you do not lose anything) or start with a 0.01 lot for every order to evaluate the results. Stay with me 1 MONTH, it is free and the risk is minimum even if you will use a real account (but you must choose 0.01 lot to have minimum risk).

  2. I suggest choosing a broker that is ECN (Electronic Communication Network) and not Market Maker (why? The spread in Market Maker are usually much higher than ECN, above all for the smallest accounts – it is possible that in Market Maker you could have a lesser profit – but I repeat: choose what you want).

  3. Your broker must have low spreads and low commissions (as low as possible) – it is obvious – I have no commercial agreement with the society with whom I am trading, so if you want my hint, I will send a private message through Telegram or WhatsApp but, again, you can choose what you want. I chose a society with low spreads and low commissions (not the best of the market, but it is good enough).

  4. Be careful to put enough money in your account, you know there are rules in every trading society that they can close your position if you do not have enough margins. Look at my table in home page or click here.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. "Can you install what I need in my pc for free?" Yes, I said it several times in this website. I can do it for you, but you must give me access TEMPORARILY to your notebook/pc. If you have great faith on me, I can do the dirty work for you. You will give me access to your pc with a PIN number, I will do the job and I will not be able to access to your pc anymore, don’t worry. Make your choice and contact me through WhatsApp +39.3403687149 or through e-mail here: Please, contact me if you have any kind of questions, suggestions or whatever, thank you!
  2. What happens after 1 month free? -  Nothing! But if you are satisfied about my system and you are making money, once a week, please send me a little donation (in FRIENDLY mode) through PayPal WITH ONLY YOUR TELEGRAM USERNAME IN THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE. No thanks, no insults, no other text, ONLY YOUR USERNAME like this: Albertobb16 (that is mine on Telegram! You must write yours!). I want to know who are sustaining my project. If you are making tons of money, feel free to give me a bigger donation, I will not refuse it!!! My PayPal address is or simply click here: PayPal.Me/ScalpingForex.
  3. What if I don’t want to receive messages anymore? - You can delete yourself from the group chat in any time you want; you’ll never receive any new messages from me.
  4. I’m NOT using MT4 nor MT5. Will your system work? – No, it will not work. I designed this system only for MetaTrader4 that is the most widespread platform in the world. MT5 shoudn't work in automatic mode (but I didn't try). Maybe in the future…….stay tuned!
  5. Can I share your messages to some of my friends? I don't like it, but I cannot control you, more we are better the trading! However, I would like to know how many are using my system, so please, tell your friend to sign in on my website. From time to time I can close my free service without any notice, remember: I am a private citizen not a society; we have no contract between us. I share my system with you as if you were one of my friends; please respect my work that creates money also for you.
  6. Can you give me a guarantee that there will be a profit? No, I cannot as no one in the world. You are trading at your own RISK, the only thing I can do is to give you the possibility to try my system. If it works for one month, it should work for the next, BUT I cannot guarantee anything. Try it free with a demo account; if you like it, you are welcome! If you don’t………please don’t tell it to anyone, search for another website and good luck!
  7. What if there is an error in the software in the Automatic section? An error? What is it?!? I tested my system for 6 months. No error at all. However, I cannot be sure 100% that my programming language is perfect, I will give to you my software “AS IT IS, I am using it in my notebook and it is working with no error. I can answer at your questions in a private Telegram or WhatsApp chat, but remember: I am not a society, it’s only me! Follow the instructions, it should work! However, I am here to help you. If I can, I will give you all my help and remember that I can connect to your pc any time you need assistance (obviously, with your consent and only if you accept my connection request). Contact me and I will solve all the issues for you, don’t worry my assistance is free.
  8. Is it possible to use WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp desktop application instead Telegram in the automatic section? For now the short answer is no, but it is not impossible: there are some issues, and some limitations. Telegram is free, works perfectly and there are some features that make it perfect for this use: for example Telegram works also if your smartphone is dead or offline or in fly (only recently WhatsApp Web has a similar feature). Maybe in the future I will create a section for WhatsApp automation.
  9. "Will it works in MAC?" I don’t think so, I’m sorry. For now I developed and tested my system only for Windows (no one of my friends have a MAC). You can try and if it will work, please tell me so I can change this FAQ, thank you!
  10. "I lost some messages for any reason, where I can check the list of opened positions?" Here is the link to the positions currently opened. (Currently = the most updated file, my system update the file automatically ONCE EVERY COUPLE OF HOUR)!AtAHxghXuuSRrEh4clHQmOySSg58?e=kEzHVR
  11. "Is your system safe?" I could say yes, but that would be meaningless because I could lie. When you download anything, YOU should scan it with your anti-virus software. There is no ads and no malware in my system.
  12. "What should I do if my anti-virus software thinks your system is suspicious?" If that happens, listen to it and don’t start my system. Contact me directly in WhatsApp and I'll give to you the right file. As the author, I know my system is not a virus, but I have no way to prove that. So there is the possibility that you somehow got a fake copy of my system, maliciously modified. Thus, if your anti-virus software warns you, play it safe and listen to it. Please, contact me.



How my system works: I studied and created an algorithm that opens the trade (buy or sell) only in particular conditions of the market. I will stay on the market until at least one of my analysis suggests that the trade will close in profit. Only if ALL my analysis are wrong, the trade will be closed in loss and in this case, I will try to reduce the losses at the minimum. I will close the trade in profit when there is a concrete risk to reduce the profit (and, you know, this happens very often!). Yes, you could tell me that this is not exactly what it is written on the books you studied........but I don't care about the theory, the only thing that is important here is to make money, what do you think?


That’s it – and happy trading! If you are reading these words, you are really interested in my project, thank you! Let’s start with signing in and you’ll receive my trading signals after a while (some hours or next day if I’m sleeping when you are signing in). After trying some trades in manual mode………… is the time to study the “AUTOMATIC SECTION” – it could be AMAZING for you. In the section you will find how to trade when you are sleeping – I cannot guarantee it will work on any notebook or computer (remember, I am not a software society), but there is a very high probability that what I thought will work also for you! (I tested it with some friends of mine).

I say it again: with your permission, and only once, I can connect to your pc and help you to set up the system. Read my instructions, you can do all by yourself, even if it is a bit tricky; but if you need help, I am here and I will do all the setting free, don't worry.



Something about me: I'm Alberto and I'm 50 years old management engineer; I love to work with numbers and love mathematical analysis. I am self-taught in some programming languages. From the beginning of my carrier, I was involved in business cost analysis and after being an actual engineer for 20 years in actual production companies, I started to study the financial world some years ago.  What I said: this is my world! Full of numbers, graphs, charts and technical indicators. And the subsequent question was: is it possible to have a gain only working from home in automatic way?!?? And this website is my answer!