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Automatic Section for the Bravest!

22 minutes to read

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First of all: both in manual mode and in automatic mode, the order will be done AT THE MARKET CONDITIONS, so I assume that there is not too much difference from BID and ASK. If the society in which I trade gives to me a big difference, I will NOT do any trade (so you will NOT receive any message from me), but if my trading company gives to me an acceptable spread between BID and ASK, I assume that also the society in which YOU trade will give you acceptable conditions. The MARKET CONDITIONS depend on the trading company you have chosen, I CAN'T CONTROL that conditions you will have. Have you got it?


Blackout, crash servers or connections issues are OUTSIDE OF MY CONTROL. If it will happen, it will be an issue for me and also for you. From my side, I will restart the system each time it will happen. You have to do the same thing. From my experience, these things could happen one or two times in a whole year; I think it is a very little risk. Got it?


For ALL the people signed that want to test in MANUAL mode with MetaTrader platform, download these three scripts (not needed in AUTOMATIC mode, you can skip this step and go to "for the bravest"):

BuyOrder – SellOrder – CloseOrder

that you'll find in one zip file in this link:

Due to your general settings, dropbox connection could not work. Simply
copy/paste the link in your browser.

After extracting zip file, put your 7 (6+1) files in your "Script" directory. (Why six and not three? Because I will give to you the executable files (not modifiable files) AND the mq4 files as well for those of you that want to modify my code, so there are two versions of BuyOrder, two of SellOrder and two of CloseOrder). I ADDED a seventh file: “AutoOrder”, you will use in Automatic Mode, as I know that, after a short period of manual mode, you will upgrade in automatic mode! Where is your "Script" directory?

You can find it here:




Instructions to use the three scripts, very easy:

When you’ll receive a message with USDGBP BUY 39127 double click on MagicBuy and write 39127 on Magic. SELL is the same. With a CLOSE message….guess it?!?? Yes! Double click on MagicClose and write the Magic Number 39127, the order number 39127 will be closed.

It is OBVIOUS that in MANUAL mode you must execute my orders AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after receiving my message on Telegram.


How to use the three scripts:





And now..................for the bravest! Most of you......I image.....

Are you ready? Here you'll find instructions, videos how to do, downloads, everything! Nevertheless, you must give me 30 minutes of your life. What you need: MetaTrader platform MT4, Telegram, a notebook/PC.

Let's start with some videos, don't do anything, watch first these videos (all), it will be easier to set up the system after watching them, maybe you'll decide to do nothing..........I don't know......

As I said before...........I can do this dirty work for you for free, but I need to manage your notebook/pc with remote control. You can do it by yourself, here there are all instructions explained step by step, please try by yourself. However, if you want the package “ready to use”, I need to do something in your pc. Make your choice and if you need help contact me through WhatsApp +39.3403687149 or through e-mail here: I will be pleasant to help you. Generally I use Chrome Remote Desktop (it's free), you need Chrome in your pc, but I can use any other software to connect in remote.

Remember: I suggest reading the instructions two times. In the first round, you will read the instructions and you will watch all the videos doing nothing in your pc. Then, after knowing what you have to do, you will come back here to read the instructions again and you will install what you need in your pc/notebook step by step. Have a good job!


1.) Install the app (where is it?!? I'll give to you the link in a while), this process will last some minutes and here is what you will see in your pc...............yes it does not look very well, first time I installed it in my pc I thought it seems a software of twenty years ago, anyway…it works, and this is the most important thing. I bought this app from a young software developer and this app need to have Python installed in your pc/notebook. What you will see in this video is the installation process of Python files. VIDEO NUMBER 1:



2.) After installing Telegram Desktop Application (, you must run it, log in with your Telegram account, and NOW you can start my app "run_app". Here is how to connect your Telegram account to my app: VIDEO NUMBER 2. Very short video: enter your phone number, I'll send to you a code, look at your Telegram account, copy the code in the app, that's all.



3.) Now you have to change your MetaTrader directory: you must teach to your app WHERE your directory is, and this will be different for all of you, or, better, it will be different for every pc/notebook that you will use. You should know how to copy/paste the path, but I want to show to you how to do step by step with this VIDEO NUMBER 3



4.) Every Sunday, you must add the Telegram Group: I will create one different group EVERY Sunday, and you must teach to your app which name the group will be. It is easier to watch than to explain………VIDEO NUMBER 4:



Sorry..........a question............"How can I know which the right name of the group is?" You are right, I did not tell you: the name of the group is Week...followed by two numbers 01, 02, 03...53 that represent the number of the week of the year.

I could change this rule in the future, but you will find here, in my website, any new rule to apply.

5.) And finally, last step: after downloading AutoOrder (where? again, wait for a while please), you must put it in the right directory and you must start AutoOrder..............That's it! VIDEO NUMBER 5:



Another question............"How can I change the lot size? Maybe I will start with 0.01 to be cautious, but when I will see that your system works, I want to make tons of money! How can I change the lot size?" You are always right, who are suggesting all of these interesting questions? Change your file named LotSize in your directory. Here is the answer:


Ok, bro..........this is the end of the journey. I know, it is not easy, and only the bravest will succeed. Nevertheless, I'm making money, and this is my way to share my algorithm with you. Now it's up to you: make your choice. I am inviting you to be a part of a group that will become bigger and bigger. More we are better the trading!



Ready ?!?? Steady ?!??!?  GOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!


Step 0.) Let us start with Telegram Desktop Application ( download, install, run it and finally log in with your Telegram account. EXIT Telegram now for a while.

Step 1.) You must check your system, 32-bit or 64-bit. Look at the pictures below: Home => System => System Information =>



As I designed this project to work 24h/a day in an old pc, if you have an old notebook/pc with a 32-bit system, you must download this file:


In 90% of the cases, you should have a 64-bit system; this is your file:


a) Unzip the file and open the unzipped folder

b) You will see two folders

            (32/64)BitPortable and (32/64)BitWithPython,

    Choose => (32/64)BitWithPython

c) Open guide32.txt or guide64.txt and follow the instructions

"What is Portable?" My software developer said that for some systems it is not necessary to install Python, so some of you could open the (32/64)BitPortable and follow those instructions (if it works you are lucky and you can skip this step!). I've tested in 3 different notebooks, it never works, so my advice: you should choose (32/64)BitWithPython and follow the instructions. See again VIDEO NUMBER 1.

PAY ATTENTION: before starting "run_app", please OPEN your Telegram Desktop Application, and THEN start "run_app". You will see something like VIDEO NUMBER 2. You will have to connect your phone and write your security code every time you will start "run_app" (every Sunday).

Step 2.) Open your MetaTrader4 platform and follow the instructions of VIDEO NUMBER 3. In the app you must change your directory (You have to do this step ONLY ONCE forever). 

Another setup of the app: VIDEO NUMBER 4, you must add the group Week...with the number of the week of the year (this step must be done EVERY SUNDAY; I will create a new group every SUNDAY). It is very quick and easy. THIS WILL WORK ONLY AFTER SIGNING IN. You cannot see the right group if you are not part of the group: sign, wait some hours for my approval and then you can add the group Week. REMEMBER to remove the previous WeekNumber and ADD the new WeekNumber, obviously your first time you have only to ADD the new WeekNumber.

Step 3.) Download AutoOrder here:

"Why is it an EX4 file and not a MQL4 file?" Because I do not want to share my code and I don't want you to modify my code. Follow the instructions of VIDEO NUMBER 5.

Only ONCE you have to put the AutoOrder file in the right directory.

EVERY SUNDAY you must open MetaTrader4, and double click on AutoOrder to start my script.

Remember: if you will use your pc during the trading week, it is likely that something goes wrong and some trades could not be processed. Or maybe my app could stop working or maybe AutoOrder stop working depending on what you have done in MetaTrader (not a big issue: you can restart it any time you want). However, you could lose some money. Make your choice and do what you want!

I repeat it: I suggest not touching the pc/notebook from late evening on Sunday to late evening on Friday. I am using an old notebook (CPU: Celeron(R) Dual-Core CPU T3500 2.10 GHz _; RAM: 4GB_; 32bit_; Windows 10 Home N_; HDD 148GB_) to make money and it works perfectly, and I bought a new notebook to do everything else.

Another suggest: disable automatic updating of Windows! Use Saturday to make all the updating. "What is the risk if I don't disable automatic updating?" Maybe on Wednesday night Windows decides that it is the right moment to restart and update your notebook...all my automatic system will be stopped without any notice! This happened to me some months ago, I lost some money; I do not want this could happen again! The choice is yours!

Important: sometimes (practically never...) you could want to stop my script... how to do it? Easy: right-click on the most to the right chart that you are watching...choose "remove programs" or something like that: my script is not running anymore. Another easier way? Close MetaTrader and restart always works!


WHAT ELSEEEEEE?!?!?? NOTHING! You have accomplished all tasks! Congratulations! You deserve to become a millionaire!



0.) Every SATURDAY: Update your Windows system, wait for installation and restart your pc, disable Windows updating for 7 days.

This is a summary of what you have to do EVERY SUNDAY:
1.) Open your Telegram Desktop Application and Metatrader 4 - about 30 seconds

2.) In Metatrader: run AutoOrder with a double click - another 30 seconds

3.) Run "run_app", connect your phone with the security code (where is it? I'll send to you when you'll start the app, remove previous group and add the new group – again => 30 seconds, maybe 40 seconds......

4.) Stay there (if you want) for some hours doing nothing, in front of your pc and look at what is happening. Enjoy!


Yes, I know, I want you to work for something like two minutes every week! A lot of work, indeed, but if you want to become rich, you must work hard!!!

Remember also that I will appreciate your donation to my PayPal WITH ONLY YOUR TELEGRAM ACCOUNT IN THE MESSAGE, this is another minute of hard work every week, I suggest on Saturday, after counting how much money you have gained............ Why your Telegram Account each week?!? Because I have an automatic system to add your Telegram Account to the group of the next week. Please write it paying attention, it's important. My PayPal address is or simply click here: PayPal.Me/ScalpingForex. Saturday, I'll send to the group a reminder so you can easily be sure to be added to the next week. Good luck bro! 

I let you go with the picture of your pc running; this is what you will see:



Three programs:

a) Your MT4 platform

b) Your Telegram desktop application

c) my app "Telegram Group Message App" - as underlined in the picture, NEVER close this app during the week and on Friday late evening close it with "Logout and exit", otherwise it could crash the system

Bro……..don’t forget! Are you signed in??? Without your signing in, nothing works! You will not receive any message if you are not part of the group chat. Click  HERE  and Sign in! See you in chat, bye, Alberto.