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How the Magic works

What you'll receive from me in your Telegram

Scalping Forex - An Automated Trading System

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Do you want to receive signals for scalping Forex from my trading system in your Telegram?!?!? It is easy!

How it works? Click HERE and Sign in!

Look at the videos above and then come here to learn more!


Yes, I know…....this is not the best website that you've ever seen, I created it by myself during the lock down and.........sure.......I should improve it! BUT it is genuine and system works! And you are here for this reason, are you?!??

This website and this system are designed for notebook/laptop/pc desktop NOT for smartphone or tablet. If you are reading this website in your smartphone, go home and come back later reading in your pc.


First of all: if you want the automatic system, you need to install something on your pc. If you are not able because it is a bit tricky, I can do everything for you in your pc, but you must have a great faith on me because I need full access to your pc. You can do everything by yourself only reading my instructions, but please keep in your mind that I can create the automatic system in your pc for free. In this website, you'll find how to contact me. My contact here in violet.

This is the final result of your job in your pc: 3 applications running:

1.) Metatrader 4

2.) Telegram Desktop

3.) My Telegram Group Message App

Let's start:


Sign in: write your phone number and your username of Telegram and you’ll receive my free trading signals: what to buy/sell and when you have to close the trade. (I need your number only to communicate each other in case of issues; my signals will be sent only using your Telegram username and that is the only thing I need to know about you).


This is the explanation about the messages that you'll receive from me:

EXAMPLE: 09/29_22:00:15 USDCHF BUY 40070


Simple! You have to do the action in your trade account.


“It is possible to do the action automatically, even if I’m sleeping? Something like the famous ‘copy-trader’?”

Yes!!! This is NOT simple (half an hour more or less to set up the system) but you can do it and I’ll explain to you how to do it! Please, don't go to the "Automatic Section" at once, read carefully this page and, in ten minutes, I'll ask you to read the Automatic Section. Remember: I can do this job for you with your permission to connect to your PC. It’s up to you. I’m happy if you install my system by yourself, but I'm here to help you if you want.


What you need:

  1. In Manual Mode: only a Telegram account => you can use the platform you want to make manually the trade (but your platform must permit to recognize a trade with a unique number); if you use MetaTrader4 MT4 (or MT5) you can download my simple scripts to open the trades or to close them using the MAGIC number. Therefore, I suggest MT4.

  2. In Automatic Mode (recommended, it is AMAZING): you need:

  • a Telegram account and the Telegram Desktop Application that you can download here: and it must be installed and running in your notebook/pc (tested in Windows10 – probably all the Windows systems will work)

  • MT4 platform (MT5 shouldn't work, but you can try it – I tested only MT4) with Automatic Trading allowed (what is it? It is this: look at the picture below)



  • A notebook or a pc that is active and connected to internet 24 hours a day. I suggest that you don’t touch the pc to do other things, my software works also even if you are using the pc but the best solution is to take an old pc/notebook and give it the chance to make money for you!

  • You MUST download my script and run it, and you MUST download an application (made with python) and run it => this is the heart of my project: the app will transform my signals (received through Telegram) in automatic orders (both to open and to close positions). So you have to do nothing, my system will work in your pc automatically. The only thing you have to do is to start the program in Sunday evening and stop it on Friday evening. That's all!!!


In Automatic Mode, everything will happen in your pc or notebook: you can let the notebook to work and to make money for you, BUT YOU HAVE 100% CONTROL of my system. It is happening in your pc, you can do what you want! You can see the trades, your balance, your equity; you can see the messages that are coming from Telegram and you can decide to stop the system, to do some actions, to do everything you want. You have the complete control of the system. I suggest not touching your notebook, but it’s up to you.


It seems interesting..................YES, it is! Let’s start now!

Sign in and try for free. I recommend the automation, I created this website for this reason, the possibility to trade automatically even if we (all) are sleeping (or doing something more interesting than looking the charts all day long……..).


Stop! Wait a second please before going to automatic section…………..are you able to dedicate five minutes to read my explanation, my privacy policy and some simple rules you MUST follow to have success in this project? Please read here and read my WARNING.


First of all: do you want to know HOW MUCH you’ll gain from copying my trades? A little gain, not a big gain. If you are looking to become rich in a while, stop here and go to another website, good luck!


My trading system was designed to perform a gain little by little: you’ll never see a trade with great loss but many, little trades that give you a little loss. This is unavoidable (for me - if you think to be more capable than me you can trade by yourself, good luck!).

Sometimes, SELDOM, you’ll see some big profits in a trade or in some trades. So be patient!

But the most important thing I can tell you is: since I tested my trading system in the last updated version (last 6 months), all months I had a profit.

BUT how much the profit is?!? It depends on the lot you'll choose to trade. Little lot = little profit, big lot = big profit. Here a table with some indicative numbers. Respect the minimum amount to invest, this is a MUST for my system. And remember that I am trading with CFD. A contract for differences (CFD) is a financial contract that pays the differences in the settlement price between the open and closing trades. 


There are several ways you can calculate the profit. Above you can see the MULTIPLICATIVE VALUE OF LEVERAGE. If you want to calculate the profit on the NOMINAL value of the contracts (for example 1 lot = 100.000 €), my strategy takes only a 5 to 9% annual return WITHOUT EFFECT OF LEVERAGE, nothing special (net profit - commissions already cut). So if you live in a country where leverage is could find some more interesting investments than mine. But in the 90% of the world leverage is a mean to make money if you find a good strategy!

My strategy is SCALPING, so you must know that there are something like 10 to 40 orders every day that my system opens and my system closes. This is the reason why you MUST have the MINIMUM AMOUNT TO INVEST written in my table. For those of you that DO NOT UNDERSTAND what I just wrote: RESPECT MY TABLE, that’s all.

And what if you will invest 100.000 euros and use only 0.01 lot? Your annual profit will be only 0.9% (with 30 leverage) and 3% in the latter case. It makes no sense to invest so much money without using it, but this is how I calculate the profit. The lesser the drawdown, the lesser could be your initial capital, the higher your percentage annual return. This is the reason why I'm working to improve my system: what you'll receive in your Telegram account is a great system, but I want you to know that I'm trying to give you something better (in some months).

Ok, BUT how much the cost?!? There is no cost at all. This is not a society, it’s only me, and I am a private citizen that wants to share my trading system to the world.

I cannot give you a payment service; I will accept a symbolic donation once a week only if you are making money with my system. However, THE FIRST MONTH (5 WEEKS) ARE FREE even if you want to automate the process. I do want that you try my system for NOT LESS than 1 month. And this is the reason why: look at the picture below. This is what happened to my investment:

Chart with money and number of trades: no profit for something like 250 trades. In average I trade 20-25 trades each working day so..................10-12 working day with NO profit at all. Please be patient!


In your account you'll see many little orders closed in loss and some orders (that remain open for few days) in profit. In the "long" term (1 month or more - by the way it is not very long.......) you'll see your profit.


Detailed Explanation of the messages you’ll receive: 09/29_22:00:15 USDCHF BUY 40070:

09/29_22:00:15: Date and hour/minute/second in which I sent my messages: generally, you’ll receive my messages almost instantly.

First warning: if you’ll receive the message next day for any problem of connection or an issue of Telegram or because your pc restarted with an automatic update of Windows, I can do nothing: you can choose to open or not to open this position. If the action is “close a position” you must check what to do with this trade, I’ll send only 1 message to open a trade and only 1 message to close the trade (if you lose it for ANY reason, I can’t help you – you can only check my website to see the opened trades). This problem NEVER HAPPENS, but you are warned just in case…..

In the "AUTOMATIC MODE", you might even turn off your smartphone (but you MUST let the pc on), the system works anyway (but there is nothing we can do with connection issues, the trades will be opened or closed WHEN the connection will come back). In MT4 you'll find, in the log tab of the main window, some of the common errors that could happen and what you have to do.

Here the link to my open orders (always automatically updated once every two or three hours):!AtAHxghXuuSRrEh4clHQmOySSg58?e=kEzHVR

I do not share the orders closed, you need only to check the orders currently opened.

Remember that 09/29_22:00:15 is always in GMT = Greenwich Mean Time, it is date, hour and minute of the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. My message will be the same 09/29_22:00:15 for all members of the group, but if you live in Australia or in Canada, you will receive it instantly in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the middle of the night depending on where you live. Got it?

USDCHF - The currency pair we are talking about – see later which currency pairs I trade

BUY - It is THE ACTION: what you have to do: BUY, SELL or CLOSE an order

40070 - THE LAST NUMBER IS THE MAGIC NUMBER – do you know what it is? It is a UNIQUE number that you must know. I use MT4 MetaTrader4 and I know that you can use this Magic Number also in MetaTrader 5. The Magic Number will be different for EVERY order. Why? Because after 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week I’ll send a message like this:

09/30_20:34:37 USDCHF CLOSE 40070 => You must close the order with number 40070; you could have a few orders opened in USDCHF position BUY, and only the order with number 40070 must be closed.

In MANUAL mode: the magic number can be added easily in your open order in MT4 using a simple script that I’ll give you so you can close your order only searching for the "magic" (with another simple script). You'll find in one zip file in this link:

Due to your general settings, dropbox connection could not work. Simply
copy/paste the link in your browser.

In AUTOMATIC mode: you can IGNORE the magic number as it is managed automatically by my system.

Privacy policy: this is boring but it is necessary:

Signing in, you consent to give me your Telegram username ONLY to receive my trading signals on a GROUP chat. I need also your phone number for security reason. For how it works, you explicitly consent that all the people signed in the same group chat could see your Telegram username. I can’t protect you from spams or phone calls or other stuffs that come from the other participants of the group chat. Signing in, you’ll undertake yourself not to bother anyone in the group chat with messages, calls or other stuffs like these. The aim of this group chat is only to share MY trading system, and your Telegram username will be added to this group chat only to this scope. In this group chat, you (and all the other members) can only RECEIVE messages from me (the only administrator of the group). You (and the other people signed with you) can’t write anything in the group chat. If you need to contact me you can do it in a private Telegram or WhatsApp chat. I’m here to help you if I can. If you don’t accept these simple rules, I’ll delete your username and you’ll not receive my signals anymore.


Before going on……. WARNING: I’m obliged to underline that YOU want to invest your money and the risk is yours alone. I’m investing my money in CFD (Contract for difference) and this is MY RISK; if you want to copy my trades, it is ONLY YOUR CHOISE. No-one oblige you to RISK your money. I’m making money, this is sure, but there is no guarantee that the past profit will be equal in the future………it could be bigger!!! Yes, I’m joking………I know that in the future we can have a loss. Hope it will never happen, but I can’t guarantee that my system will work forever.

Please reflect for a while and, then, go on to read other pages.

This Website is NEW, it started at January 2023, and it is in continuous improving and changing. It is under construction a new, professional, website that will rise in the first half of 2024, maybe in the new website I'll give you a payment service. Stay tuned. By now, if you sign in today, in this website, the service is completely free.